TDM Systems  

TDM – Tool Data and Tool Lifecycle Management for CAM and Simulation Software

TDM Systems Tool Lifecycle Management software is the leading application for tool and production equipment management. With the TDM – EDGECAM Interface, EDGECAM programmers have access to tools and cutting data managed in a central TDM database. This allows to program and simulate using realistic 3D Tool Data. After programming is completed, the resulting tool list will be transferred from EDGECAM to the TDM database – where the tool list is available as a setup sheet to be used in NC verification software and to prepare shopfloor execution tasks like tool assembling and tool presetting. Designed for ease of use in data transfer between the TDM database and EDGECAM ToolStore, this Interface makes it easy to manage tools and tool lists.

Functions of the CAM Interface TDM – EDGECAM

  • Easy and quick export of tools into EDGECAM ToolStore
  • Re-transfer of the tools used in EDGECAM’s NC program into the TDM database in form of tool lists


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