EDGECAM’s Power For Turning Applications

Vero Software’s German reseller 3D Concepts is demonstrating the power of EDGECAM for turning applications – in particular the Waveform roughing strategy – at the forthcoming Turning Days Süd exhibition.

To be held at the Exhibition Center in Friedrichshafen, in the South of Germany, near to Lake Constance, on February 14 to 17, the trade fair is expected to attract around 10,000 visitors from Germany, Switzerland and the Austrian state of Vorarlberg.

Thomas Menholz, from 3D Concepts, says many of the visitors are searching for advanced technology to assist them in producing turned components.

“The main focus on our booth – A18 in hall 3 – is to show EDGECAM’s overall power, and especially it’s game-changing Waveform strategy, which was developed following the success of Waveform roughing for milling.”

Waveform is a high speed machining technique that maintains a constant tool cutting load by ensuring a consistent tool engagement into the material. The tool path moves in a smooth path to avoid sharp changes in direction, maintaining the machine tool’s velocity. Similar to other turning commands, the cycle is sensitive to the stock condition, eliminating ‘fresh-air cuts.’

“As well as reducing cycle times and increasing the Material Removal Rate, Waveform also improves tool cutting life through less cutting force and better swarf management, lengthens machine maintenance cycles, keeps a constant chip load meaning there are no ‘spikes,’ and it cuts deeper, faster and smoother,” says Thomas Menholz.

There will also be demonstrations of SURFCAM on the booth.

3D Concepts, EDGECAM and SURFCAM – Halle 3. Booth A18



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