Sandvik Coromant And EDGECAM Demonstrate Machining Optimization  

Manufacturers were shown how to get the best from their CNC machines by utilizing the latest cutting tool and software technology, at Sandvik Coromant’s open day.
Engineers from all over the UK learned how to make improvements for delivering cost efficiency and enhancing quality to their production methods. Organized by Sandvik Coromant UK’s Machine Investment Manager James Rhys-Davies, the event was attended by manufacturers considering investing in new machine tools or who have recently purchased them.
“We demonstrated the correct ways of applying modern cutting tools and techniques so manufacturers can achieve the very best from their machine tools, and showed how to minimize tool changeover time with the Coromant Capto quick-tool-change system, keeping the green light on for as long as possible.” 
Two software packages were also featured – Adveon™ Tool Library, and EDGECAM Workflow for CNC programming. Adveon integrates into EDGECAM, enabling tooling and CAM to work together seamlessly to generate efficient tooling assemblies. 
Free with EDGECAM Workflow for the remainder of 2014, Adveon is aimed at helping manufacturers save set-up time while improving productivity and security in their milling operations.  EDGECAM is the first CAD/CAM company to integrate Adveon as an official reseller. The library allows the rapid building of tooling databases and ensures automatic access to 3D CAD models for accurate simulation and visualization. The engineer’s input is reduced, improving both consistency and quality of data.
There were also demonstrations of what Sandvik Coromant calls ‘the Modern art of milling.’ A component comprising features such as an open slot and closed pocket was produced on a Mori Seiki SV 503 machine tool, with a solid carbide 12mm end mill and 16mm tool, using EDGECAM Workflow’s Waveform Roughing Strategy to maximize material removal rates.
Other demonstrations included metal cutting on a Star sliding head machine, and  ‘See the whole picture,’ featuring drilling, tapping and reaming on a 50 taper Mori Seiki vertical machining center.
EDGECAM’s Strategic Partnership Manager Wesley Tonks says this was the first UK event to highlight the EDGECAM/Adveon interface. Similar open days are planned at Sandvik Coromant’s facilities around the world, working with EDGECAM resellers to create focused events. 
“A partnership between Sandvik Coromant, the world’s number one cutting tool manufacturer, and EDGECAM Workflow, the market leading CAD CAM software for CNC programming with unparalleled ease of use and intelligent toolpath generation, is a proven single solution for manufacturers looking to optimize their machine tools.”


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