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EDGECAM Holder Collision Avoidance
EDGECAM 5 Axis Deburring
EDGECAM Tombstone Manager Support for 5 Axis cycles
EDGECAM Thread Milling Cycle Plunge Feedrate
EDGECAM Wavefrom Turning
EDGECAM Waveform roughing
EDGECAM Waveform turning
EDGECAM Waveform roughing

EDGECAM 2022.1

Several new enhancements have been made in EDGECAM 2022.1. Major updates to highlight include:

  • Holder collision avoidance
  • Advanced 5-axis deburring cycle
  • Tombstone manager
  • Thread milling
  • Machine tool configuration improvements
  • Automatically set stock and fixture attributes from DESIGNER
  • Waveform roughing – multiple enhancements
  • Waveform turning
  • Rough grooving cycle
  • Machine simulation

Holder collision avoidance

A major new function called Dynamic Holder Collision Avoidance, which affects most of the machining cycles and manufacturing environments, is introduced in EDGECAM 2022.1.

During toolpath creation, EDGECAM 2022.1 checks for collision between the tool and its holder against both the target solid model, stock and fixture. When a collision is detected the toolpath is automatically altered, removing the problematic lines of code.

Not only will this new functionality provide safe and secure toolpaths right first time but it will remove the need to create extra support geometry such as check surfaces or wireframe boundaries.

Advanced 5-axis deburring cycle

EDGECAM 2022.1 adds another new machining strategy to the Advanced 5-axis Cycle. The new Deburring strategy will automatically detect sharp edges and creases on a solid model and create a dynamic toolpath that removes all unwanted burrs.

As components parts are now ‘burr-free’, users can be assured that the quality of their products will increase for little or no extra time burden.

Tombstone manager

EDGECAM’s best in class multipart machining module has been further improved to support component parts with 5-axis simultaneous toolpaths. This is in response to user needs as the amount of 5-axis style components is steadily increasing.

A further tombstone enhancement will result in shorter cycles times as users can now control the manner in which each movement is performed during tool changes.

Thread milling

As most of the users are machining either tapped or threaded holes, EDGECAM 2022.1 introduces the ability to determine the Plunge Feed within the Thread milling cycle.

Formerly, the cycle used the main feed rate which could result in a lower cycle time. Being able to use an appreciably faster feed rate as the tool enters the hole can significantly increase production throughput.

Machine tool configuration improvements

EDGECAM 2022.1 continues to support its users when it comes to new machine tool configurations by introducing two new improvements.

Focusing on machine tools for heavy industry with Nutated Head configurations, users will now discover that the software will support rotary toolpaths. This not only allows users to avoid potential machine tool overtravel but also empowers users to adopt EDGECAM’s constant cutter engagement technology – Waveform – on large-sized components for the oil and gas industry.

EDGECAM 2022.1 has also extended its support of angled head toolholders by now supporting users with an A-axis and C-axis machine tool configuration.

Automatically set stock and fixture attributes from DESIGNER

DESIGNER – Hexagon’s CAD for manufacturing solution, is perfect for creating or modifying solid models, jig and fixture design or building up complex assemblies. True to its nature, users may now specify manufacturing attributes in a model assembly such as component, stock and fixtures.

EDGECAM 2022.1 will now automatically recognize these machining attributes, removing the need to re-specify within the CAM environment.

Waveform roughing – multiple enhancements

EDGECAM 2022.1 sees at least three new performance boosting enhancements to our leading-edge Waveform machining algorithm.

Based on feedback from customers and cutting tool partners, the ever-popular Chip Prevention function has been enhanced to include its own specific Feedrate setting and to produce better toolpaths when machining thin wall sections and narrow channels.

A further Waveform enhancement is the introduction of ‘Automatic Start point’. Users no longer need to pre-position the cutter to begin the cycle in a specific position – they simply activate the new checkbox.

Waveform turning

EDGECAM 2022.1 has also enhanced the ever-popular Waveform Turning Cycle. Where tough materials such as Inconel are concerned most customers now automatically choose the Waveform cycle.

Using tried and tested technology from the Turning cycle, our Waveform Rough Turn cycle now offers ‘Swarf Clearance’. Users can now automatically retire the tool to a safe position for excess swarf build up to be cleared from the cutting areas. This can be specified in either number of passes or time. Either way, the feature extends tool life and can avoid potential breakages due to removing swarf blockages.

Rough grooving cycle

Turners will be pleased to learn that the Rough Grooving cycle now offers the ability to force the groove tool to take an extra cut next to a steep or vertical walls. This means that the potential for uneven stock amounts is removed and thus ensures safer machining conditions for finishing toolpaths.

Machine simulation

Component Model Tolerance function can now be found inside the Machine Simulator. Users naturally use the Simulator when checking toolpaths, giving this enhancement broad appeal.

The enhancement reduces the time required to simulate a component part. This functionality is especially beneficial for large and more complex geometries. One particular benchmark test performed on a customer’s component produced near to 100% time saving.