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EDGECAM Designer 2021.1

Learn what’s new in the latest release of EDGECAM Designer

Macros and scripting

EDGECAM’s power to customize the solution to the customer’s need and vertically address industrial challenges just got more powerful. EDGECAM Designer now offers users the ability to record and execute scripted macro commands.

Macros can be used to create an automated workflow, where several commands can be recorded and replayed repeatedly. Users can, at the press of a button, record their input on dialogs and on the screen and repeat that process as often as required. It is also possible to record several consecutive inputs in different commands. The scripts can then be edited by the user to introduce flow control, parametric variables or complex functions.

The ability to record macros by capturing user inputs in the software is ideal for users with little or no programming knowledge. Just click record and start automating it.

Recording can also boost the productivity of experienced programmers by providing them with the initial code required for running commands, leaving the programmer to focus on the required intelligence interaction automations.

Macros reduce the amount of time that must be spent performing basic tasks, freeing users up for more complex problem-solving and idea-generating activities. They also help reduce the potential for human error that increases with repetitive tasks and keystrokes.

UI and workflow

EDGECAM Designer 2021.1 continues to improve the user experience in terms of the ease of use, the intuitive user interface and the command workflow.

This new release offers several improvements in these areas. When running a command, users will now receive improved feedback on screen when an operation is not possible. In most cases, this is due to incorrect parameters being selected, therefore this gives the user the opportunity to correct the input data and create a valid operation. Users can also easily reset the selection if they select the wrong elements or set incorrect settings by using the new ‘reset selection’ option, which can be accessed from the burger menu on any operation.

Labels are a great way of providing users with feedback on screen. However when working on complex models, labels can overwhelm the graphic display. EDGECAM Designer 2021.1 introduces a new option to auto-hide labels, helping to declutter the screen and allowing users to work individually with each label at a time, creating a much better user experience.